CASE NO. 08-10138.United States Bankruptcy Court, N.D. Indiana, Fort Wayne Division.
May 1, 2008

ROBERT GRANT, Bankruptcy Judge

The court dismissed this case by an order dated April 16, 2008. On April 29, debtor’s counsel filed a motion to reinstate it. It is a bit difficult to know whether the court is supposed to take the motion seriously. It is only four lines long and has not been accompanied by a brief or any other materials in support thereof, as required by the Local Rules of this court.[1] See, N.D. Ind. L.B.R. B-9023-1(a). See also, In re King, 2006 WL 1994679 at *1, 2006 Bankr. LEXIS 1679 (Bankr. N.D. Ind. 2006). More importantly, the motion does not identify, much less specifically address, the reasons the case was dismissed or, in view of them, why the order doing so should be set aside and the case reinstated. Unless the court is supposed to operate on the proposition that dismissed cases should be reinstated just because the debtor asks the court to do so — a proposition which it does not accept, see, King, 2006 WL 1994679 at *1 — the motion must have greater substance. Debtor’s counsel shall, therefore, have fourteen (14) days from this date within which to obtain a transcript of the hearing which resulted in the dismissal of this case and to file ameaningful brief in support of the motion to reinstate it. The failure to do so will result in the motion

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being denied without further notice or hearing.


[1] The caption of the motion does not even bear the proper case number but, instead, the number of an apparently unrelated case, pending in the Southern District of Indiana, where debtor’s counsel is also counsel of record.

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