In re . . . METROPOLITAN MORTGAGE SECURITIES CO., INC., Chapter 11, Debtor. In re . . . SUMMIT SECURITIES, INC., Debtor.

Jointly Administered Under: No. 04-00757-W11, CLAIM DOCKET NO. 3584, RELATED DOCKET NOS, Docket No. 2495 [Objection to Claim]; Docket No. 2496 [Notice of Objection]; Docket No. 2497 [Certificate of Service]; and Docket No. 3054 [Request for Entry of Order].United States Bankruptcy Court, E.D. Washington.
June 23, 2005

Barry W. Davidson, Robert S. Delaney, DAVIDSON MEDEIROS, Spokane, Washington.

Charles R. Ekberg, Susan Brye Jahnke, Mary Jo Heston, LANE POWELL PC, Seattle, Washington, Attorneys for Metropolitan Mortgage and Securities Co., Inc., Debtor and Debtor-in-Possession.

PATRICIA WILLIAMS, Chief Judge, Bankruptcy

This matter having come on for hearing on the Objection to Claim, Unsworn Declaration in Support of Objection, and Notice of Right to File Response (the

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“Objection”) filed by Metropolitan Mortgage Securities Co., Inc. (“Metropolitan”), by and through its counsel Davidson Medeiros, with respect to the Proof of Claim filed by Larry Eugene Barnes and Laura Spears Barnes (the “Claimants”) against Metropolitan in the amount of $59,472.51, under Claim Docket Number 3584 (the “Claim”) and the Court finding that the Objection was served on the Claimants as required by law, and it appearing that no response to the Objection was filed, and the Court further finding that the Objection has established a prima facie basis for disallowance of the Claim, and the Court being fully advised in the premises; NOW THEREFORE,

IT IS HEREBY ORDERED that the Claim is disallowed in its entirety.

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