17 B.R. 152

In the Matter of Frank Wesley BRAY, Lynn Gray Bray, Debtors.

No. 81-02473A.United States Bankruptcy Court, N.D. Georgia
January 5, 1982.

Paul C. Parker, Decatur, Ga., for debtor.

WILLIAM L. NORTON, Jr., Bankruptcy Judge.

Hearing having been held on October 20, 1981 on the above-named debtors’ motion that Colisco Federal Credit Union be found in contempt of court, and no answer having been filed and no representative of Colisco having appeared, and after hearing evidence, it is the finding of the court that Colisco continued to deduct $126.00 per payroll two times after the filing of this Chapter 13 case and receipt of the debtor’s Chapter 13 plan and the stay of any continued deductions and after debtor’s attorney had made requests to Colisco that Colisco cease such deductions. It is further found that, after such two deductions, despite requests from the debtor’s attorney for refund of such amount, Colisco has refused to return the said amount to the debtor. Wherefore, it is ORDERED, ADJUDGED and DECREED that Colisco Federal Credit Union, acting with knowledge of the Chapter 13 filing, is in violation of the automatic stay provisions of the Bankruptcy Code, 11 U.S.C. § 362(a) and contempt of the orders of this court, for the improper continued payroll deduction and for the collection of the two (2), payments on June 10, 1981 and July 10, 1981 of $126.00 each, and for failure to return such amounts when requested by debtors’ attorney.

Having found the actions of the credit union to be contemptuous, the integrity of the bankruptcy process and the uniform conformity to the provisions of the Bankruptcy

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Code and recognition of the automatic stay of 11 U.S.C. § 362(a), demands that willful violations of the stay orders of this Court be duly sanctioned.[1]

IT is ORDERED that Colisco Credit Union refund to the debtor the sum of $252.00 deducted after the filing of this Chapter 13 petition.

The action of Colisco caused certain costs of debtor including the filing of this motion for contempt. Debtor is entitled to reimbursement of expenses caused by its contemptuous acts.[2]

Thus, it is further ordered that Colisco Federal Credit Union pay the sum of two hundred ($200.00) dollars to Paul C. Parker, attorney for the debtors, as reasonable attorney fees, occasioned by Colisco’s actions of contempt, in representing debtor in his unsuccessful negotiations with Colisco and in bringing this motion and appearing at the hearing.[3]

It is further ORDERED that Colisco Credit Union pay to the Debtors, Frank Wesley Bray and Lynn Gray Bray the sum of $25.00 as reasonable expenses incurred in attending the hearing in this court on October 20, 1981.

Said amounts shall be paid by Colisco within fifteen (15) days from the date of this order.


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[3] “Having found the defendant’s actions to be contemptuous, the integrity of the bankruptcy process demands that violations of [2] the stay orders of this Court be duly sanctioned.”Brooks v. Ford Motor Credit, supra.